• Holding the button (e.g. SPACE, left-click, touch on mobile) will initiate the Love Tester's sex appeal measurement algorithm...
  • Releasing the button will stop, yielding a result.
  • Navigation is achieved via 'click' and 'hold'.
  • Escape returns to the main menu instead of 'Insert Coin'.
  • Toggle fullscreen with ALT+Enter on Windows (ALT+CMD+f on macos).

The Love Tester game uses modern technology to rate a player's sexual appeal based on unknown algorithms and love metrics! A gamified recreation of an arcade machine that used lights and electronics to rate the sex appeal of its players.

This game is part of the One Switch 100 project, a history of one-button games and how they're linked with accessible gaming.

No coins required!

Background music from
Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0

Release history:


  • Fullscreen toggle on Windows.
  • Fixed a menu bug.


  • Added insert coin game flow.
  • Tweaked speed making a little faster.
  • Extended the slowdown on release.
  • Removed the debug console on Windows.
  • Disabled attract mode.


  • Play bell sound until the game is stopped.


  • Added button flow (original/modern).
  • Removed modern music.


  • Initial release!


Download 34 MB
Version 9 Mar 09, 2021
Download 51 MB
Version 7 Mar 09, 2021
Download 36 MB
Version 7 Mar 09, 2021

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