The Rotary Merchandiser is an electronic vintage arcade machine that requires skill and timing to win an assortment of great prizes! Choose from vintage or modern prizes, play with a single-button throughout.

This game is part of the One Switch 100 project, a history of one-button games and how they're linked with accessible gaming.

For users with assistive technology, the SPACE key navigates between items while holding SPACE will select an item. One can also use ESCAPE to quit back to the menu (and exit the game on desktop).

No coins required!




  • Options menu added.


  • Blink edition has some minor changes to accommodate blink switch users.
    • Simplified game flow.
    • No 'hold' to select; click only game play (including escape to quit).
  • Game will reset when no prizes remain; you've won!
  • Game will reset when prizes are 'stuck'.
  • Fewer modern boxed prizes as they're easy to win, repositioned spawn.


  • Bugfixes and some minor changes to quit the game using ESCAPE (hold).


  • Initial release.


  • Extra special boxes.

Install instructions

For manual downloads, download the zip file for your platform. Unzip to a folder of your choosing and run the executable. Alternatively, grab the game via the launcher.


Download 49 MB
Version 7 May 05, 2022
Download 49 MB
Version 5 May 05, 2022
Download 49 MB
Version 5 May 05, 2022
Download 55 MB
Version 7 May 05, 2022

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